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Terms and Conditions


Booking procedure & payment terms


If you want to book our CONDO, you must complete a booking form (above).

The completed booking form must be signed and returned with either a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the rental amount or the full rental amount.

Payments can be made by check, bank transfer, or credit card. Handling fees, if any, will be met by the guests.

A booking will only be considered firm when the deposit has been received and we have acknowledged the booking in writing or via email to the guest.

The balance is due ten weeks before the date of arrival at the villa.

Bookings made within ten weeks of departure are payable in full at the time of booking.

A security deposit of $500USD is required and must accompany your final payment. This will be refunded in full not later than seven days following your return home upon receipt of a satisfactory management report that there has been no loss or damage to the villa. Alternatively you may register your credit card details with us to act as the security deposit. Any charges made to the security deposit will appear within thirty days and you will be notified immediately should we find it necessary to make a charge.




Once confirmed, you may cancel the booking at any time subject to the clauses detailed below.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment has not been received in full in accordance with the conditions set out in the booking procedure and payment terms stated above

Cancellation must be in writing.

The following cancellation charges apply to all rentals:

o More than ten weeks before arrival date - loss of deposit

o Less than ten weeks before arrival date - 50% rental amount

o Less than four weeks before arrival date - 100% rental amount.

The security deposit is not subject to cancellation charges and would be refunded in full.




The property may only be occupied by two people per bedroom, maximum of eight people. Infants under the age of three may sleep in a cot and do not count towards the maximum occupancy number.

The Condo is provided only for the guests as detailed on the booking form.

The Condo will be available to guests after 4:00 pm local time on the day of arrival but if needed earlier times can be arranged.

The Condo must be vacated by 10:30 am local time on the day of departure.

Early arrival and late departure is not possible unless previously agreed. Failure to comply will result in additional charges of $80 per hour and you will be asked to leave the Condo immediately.

An adult must accompany guests under the age of 21.

It may be necessary for staff or agents of our management company to enter the premises during your stay there in order to perform routine maintenance or repairs.


Use of swimming pool and spa


Do not allow children to use the facilities unsupervised or allow adults under the influence of alcohol or drugs to enter the water.

We will not be liable for any loss or injury resulting from the use of the Condo, pool or spa.

No items of any description other than people or pool toys are to be placed in the pool and spa.

For your own safety, glass, crockery and bottles are not allowed in the pool, spa or nearby vicinity.

You will be liable for the full cost of any damage (including loss of rental income while any damage is repaired) if you do not adhere to the swimming pool and spa terms and conditions.


Use of utilities


Normal usage of gas, water, telephone and electricity is included in the rental price..

        Cable TV is provided and is included in the rental price.

        A Telephone is in the condo for local call only


Loss/damage/cleanliness of home


The management company will inspect the property for loss, damage and cleanliness following your departure.

The lead renter will be liable for all costs resulting from this inspection other than any costs arising from acceptable wear and tear.

Failure to return the key to the lock box when you leave the property at the end of your stay will incur a replacement fee of $50. Do not change or attempt to change the code on the lock box.

Any loss, damage or cleaning fees exceeding the security deposit amount will be fully reimbursed by the lead renter within seven days of departure.





For the comfort and safety of guests, our condo is

non smoking.


Animals and pets


Animals and pets are not permitted in the condo.


Liability limitation


We accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage or alterations, delays or changes arising from circumstances outside our control such as war or threat of war, fire or adverse weather conditions, government action, technical problems with transport, closure or congestion at airports, cancellations or changes of schedules by airlines or theft from the condo premises, both interior and exterior INCLUDING PARKING and POOL area.

In the unlikely event of us being negligent and/or in breach of our contract with you, our liability shall be limited to the cost of your booking with us.

We accept no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to personal items while traveling to the property, staying in the property or after departure from the property.



Accuracy of information


A great deal of care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information we have provided. However, facilities and services may not be open or available due to renovation/maintenance works, adverse weather etc. Where we are aware that a facility or service advertised in the information provided will not be available during the period of your stay, we will take steps, wherever possible, to notify you prior to travel.

At times it may be necessary to replace items at the villa with similar items of an equivalent or better standard. Wherever possible, we will endeavor to notify you of such changes prior to travel.

We reserve the right to reasonably amend any of the terms and conditions set out herewith


It is in your own best interests to take out travel and medical holiday insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances which may necessitate the cancellation of your booking. You should have adequate medical insurance and cover for your personal belongings for the duration of your stay, including travel both to and from the condo. For a free quote( We have no affiliation with company.






I ______________________________ Acknowledge the fact that I have to vacate the


premises of the LAZA Properties Condo on ____________________ (date) by 10:30 am


or before unless requested in writing 7 days or more before arrival of the above date


to LAZA Properties and have received in writing permission to stay past 10:30 am


or agree to pay LAZA Properties a $ 50.00 fee for every hour I occupy the residents.


I also authorize LAZA Properties to charge my credit card or deduct the amount from


my security deposit check and send me the remaining amount with one of their


checks with in 7 days of departure.


Sign here/date _________________________________________________________